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At HLS we believe that

English Language learning should be practical and effective.

We understand the challenges ESL teachers and educators face. With 25+ years of experience in English Language training and testing, having worked across landscapes locally and globally HLS offers you our expertise of having trained and tested learners ranging from elementary to advanced users of English.

Our work with governmental and nongovernmental organizations and educational institutes have benefitted young learners and adults alike.

The Difference

Proven Methodology that delivers results:

The blended approach combines online self study and time tested classroom sessions to provide learners the tools and platform needed to develop English language fluency and accuracy faster and more easily.

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We care and we strive to incorporate practical strategies to language teaching to develop effective communication beyond accurate grammatical structures.

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How Headway’s Interactive Programme Works

Competing in a global market requires the ability to communicate effectively. HLS understands the challenges in acquiring English as a second language. With our blended approach to language teaching learners learn faster, building greater confidence.

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