How It Works

DynEd Neo’s
ELL Ecosystem

Artificial Intelligence and Speech Recognition Technology Working Together for Powerful Results - Guaranteed!

DynEd Neo puts the most advanced fully mobile English language system in your students’ pockets. Based on DynEd’s big data, from 25+ million global English learners who studied the same courseware, Neo helps your learners achieve the fluency goals you promised.

Fully aligned to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), Neo certifies your students’ English skills every step of the way. So whether you use your coaches or HLS’s, you’ll have learners achieve their English skills every quarter.

Our trained coaches will train your teachers, to conduct weekly (in-person or virtual) session to develop your learners’ English language skills. Thanks to Neo’s advanced AI technology, coaches can specifically address any problem areas learners face during the self-study sessions. Neo analyses this information which is then shared to the coach before every coaching session, ensuring students reach their requirements successfully.

How It Works

English Learning for
All Skill Levels

DynEd neo offers skill levels for learners from years of 5+ and above. Your organization can purchase as many CEFR levels or as few levels as you need. Levels start at Pre-A1 for those with no previous knowledge of English and end with C1-Bridge for those who want to acquire truly advanced English skills.

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