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English proficiency is a vital asset for Sri Lankan youth in today’s globalized world, but many young people struggle to develop fluency and accuracy. Lack of confidence in speaking and difficulty finding jobs that require English communication skills further compound the issue. To meet international expectations, it is crucial to build confidence and language skills through consistent practice and exposure to English.

DynEd NEO UNI+ , an English language learning app, can help students build fluency and accuracy fast. Students can explore and interact with English anytime, anywhere. It also eases the burden of ESL teachers by providing a platform for students to practice and learn independently. The DynEd NEO UNI+  app offers interactive language exercises, listening practice with native speakers, and immersive video content that enhances learning and creates an engaging environment. English language fluency is a necessity and not a luxury. With DynEd NEO UNI+ , students can become confident and proficient English speakers, providing them with a competitive edge in the global job market.

In today’s global job market, having a competitive level of English proficiency is a key advantage for young adults. You can now offer the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) certificate which is an Internationally recognized assessment for English language competencies. Thereby improving graduates’ employment prospects. Furthermore the certificate could be customized to include your own logo to demonstrate your students language abilities to potential employers. By partnering with us, you can provide your students the best opportunities for success in the global workforce.

As the number of (ESL) learners continues to grow across the island, it’s crucial for teachers and academic administrators to have a good understanding of students studying practices and achievements. NEO’s Learning Management System (LSM) makes this task much easier by providing monitoring and reporting tools that allow school administrators to make informed decisions. The system makes it easy to generate reports and maintain records, giving educators a comprehensive overview of students’ progress. With the right information at their fingertips, teachers and administrators can provide targeted support to ensure that ESL learners acquire language effectively.

With a challenging academic life and demanding course work students don’t often benefit from “a programme that fits all”, therefore, it’s important to customize ESL programmes that meet the specific needs and preferences of students. This is essential to ensure that students remain motivated and engaged throughout the learning journey. DynEd NEO UNI+ , our English language learning app, uses the latest AI technology to identify learners’ challenges and prompt them to practice challenging syntax and lexical items actively. This approach ensures that students are not only acquiring new language skills but also actively engaged in the learning process. Contact us to better understand your learners’ needs. Our ESL solution can help them gain English language competencies faster and more confidently.