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UpSkill Business English Courses

Course Overview: UpSkill Business English Courses

Enhance your professional communication with the UpSkill Business English Courses, designed for professionals at all stages, including early learners. This program offers six levels, each structured to be completed in 12 weeks. Each certification level aligns with the internationally recognized Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), from A1 to C2, ensuring systematic development of business English skills tailored to meet the
needs of global business engagement.

Classes are held once a week for three hours in a virtual setting, amounting to over 36 hours of direct teacher interaction per level.
In addition to these sessions, students are required to engage with the DynEd neo app for more than 60+ hours, practicing real-world business English. This comprehensive approach combines virtual learning with extensive app-based
practice, providing over 100+ hours of training per level.

This pioneering blended learning approach, a first in Sri Lanka, integrates real-world applications with digital learning tools to maximize engagement and learning outcomes. Master effective communication techniques, expand your professional vocabulary, and develop interpersonal skills to effectively navigate diverse business environments. Our curriculum equips you with the skills to improve negotiations, enhance report writing, and boost presentation confidence, thereby building your competence and confidence as a communicator in your field.

UpSkill Business English Courses are designed to accommodate the schedules of busy professionals, with new classes beginning every month. This frequent start schedule ensures that you can join the program at a time that best suits your needs, whether you prefer weekdays or weekends. Our monthly enrollment options provide unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to start enhancing your business communication skills without waiting for traditional semester or yearly start times.

Upon registration, participants undergo an initial placement test to determine the appropriate class level based on their current English proficiency. This ensures that each learner is placed in an environment that provides the right level of challenge, maximizing learning outcomes and personal development in business English.

Upon completing the UpSkill Business English Courses, participants receive an internationally recognized certification aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). This widely respected standard showcases your proficiency in business English and enhances your resume, opening doors to international career opportunities.

The certification attests to your ability to communicate effectively in a global business environment and provides a competitive edge in the job market. Achieving this certification requires meeting rigorous standards and demonstrating comprehensive business communication skills, ensuring it reflects true professional capability.