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Course Overview: TKT Teacher Training (ESL) Courses

Elevate your teaching skills with our comprehensive ESL Teacher Training Courses, specifically designed to prepare educators for the Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT). This program equips aspiring and experienced teachers with effective, modern language teaching methodologies, and focuses heavily on TKT preparation to ensure educators are well-versed in the latest educational strategies.

The TKT is a globally recognized assessment that tests your knowledge of English language teaching. Our courses cover the first three modules of the TKT:

Module 1: Language and Background to Language Learning and Teaching – Explores fundamental concepts in language learning and the methodologies applicable to teaching English.

Module 2: Lesson Planning and Use of Resources for Language Teaching – Focuses on the development of comprehensive lesson plans and effective use of educational resources.

Module 3: Managing the Teaching and Learning Process – Enhances skills in classroom management, creating a conducive and effective learning environment.

By integrating TKT preparation into our curriculum, we provide educators with a robust foundation in ESL teaching principles and practices. This structured approach not only prepares you for the TKT but also enriches your teaching capabilities, enabling you to deliver more engaging and effective lessons.

Innovative Teaching Methodologies: Learn the latest approaches in ESL education, including interactive and participative teaching styles that cater to diverse learner needs.

Curriculum Development: Gain skills in crafting compelling and culturally aware course materials that enhance the learning experience.

Classroom Management Techniques: Master effective strategies to manage diverse classroom settings, ensuring all students benefit from an inclusive and productive educational environment.

Dual Certification and Professional Growth

Upon successful completion of our ESL Teacher Training courses, participants receive dual certification, significantly enhancing their teaching credentials:

Internationally Recognized Qualification: By sitting for the Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT), participants earn a certification from the University of Cambridge, recognized globally. This qualification not only validates your English language teaching abilities according to international standards but also elevates your professional profile for opportunities worldwide.

HLS Certificate of Participation: In addition to the Cambridge certification, participants also receive a certificate from Headway Language Solutions (HLS) acknowledging their completion of the program. This certification demonstrates your commitment to ongoing professional development and mastery of modern teaching methodologies.

These dual certificates open doors to advanced educational roles and provide opportunities for career advancement in diverse educational settings. This comprehensive approach to certification ensures that educators are recognized for their specific test accomplishments as well as their broader engagement in professional development.

Our TKT Teacher Training Course is designed to accommodate the busy schedules of aspiring and current educators. These courses are structured to unfold over 15 weeks, ensuring a comprehensive coverage of all essential teaching methodologies and preparation for the TKT.

Weekend Classes: Recognizing the need for flexibility, we schedule our classes on weekends.
Each session runs on Saturday from 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM, allowing participants to engage in intensive learning without disrupting their weekday commitments.

Duration and Commitment: The total duration of the program is 15 weeks. This period is carefully planned to provide sufficient time for both theoretical learning and practical application, preparing participants thoroughly for the TKT examinations and effective classroom implementation.

These structured payment options are designed to ensure affordability and accessibility, allowing more educators to invest in their professional growth without undue financial pressure.

Registration Fee: LKR 2,000
Due At: Time of enrollment to secure your place in the course.

Total Course Fee: LKR 28,500
Payment Options: Payable in two installments for easier budgeting.

To ensure that all participants are prepared to fully engage with and benefit from our ESL Teacher Training courses, the following prerequisites are required:

Minimum Language Proficiency: Participants must be at least at the CEFR B1 level. This ensures that all attendees have a solid foundation in English, which is crucial for grasping more advanced teaching methodologies and concepts.

Initial Proficiency Test: Prior to acceptance into the course, candidates will undergo an initial language proficiency test. This assessment helps determine whether the candidate is ready to successfully undertake the course, ensuring a cohesive learning experience for all participants.
Meeting these prerequisites guarantees that all attendees are suitably prepared and can contribute to as well as gain from the comprehensive training provided.