April ’14 – DynEd Awards Ceremony in Sri Lanka

This past 28th of April, 2014, Headway Learning Solutions (HLS), DynEd’s partner in Sri Lanka, awarded certificates of completion to students from the Fathima Welfare Center for their work with DynEd’s blended program. Sponsored by the American Center of the US Embassy in Sri Lanka, this is the 3rd center to benefit from this joint effort.

Teachers from each of the centers were trained by Headway Learning Solutions’s Academic Consultant, Naaren Moharanjithan, who also provided ongoing support for the program.

Students and sponsors were pleased with the results, and they had good reason to be! DynEd records indicate that an average of 70 hours of DynEd study resulted in a 0.6 increase (on average) on their final Proficiency Test.

The Fathima Welfare Centre is an affiliate of the All Ceylon Muslim Women’s Association.

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