DynEd has been reimagined and improved for a fast-paced mobile environment

Burlingame, California October 13, 2015 DynEd International, Inc. today announced a redesigned user experience for its professional  English learning courseware DynEd Pro, making it easier for its clients around the globe to achieve fluency with its English language learning solutions.

Throughout its history, DynEd has built the most efficient English learning solution that constantly challenges and adapts to every learner, and provides the shortest path to English fluency possible.  As a result, DynEd’s loyal customer base has grown to over 13 million users around the globe.

“From the beginning we have been innovative with many first-to-market tools to create successful English learners.  Now we have reimagined and improved DynEd for a fast-paced mobile world, by implementing a modern and friendlier user-experience.  The new interface guides our users’ study, gets them started faster, and helps them optimize their English speaking fluency,” says Ian Adam, DynEd’s President and CEO.

This new level of efficiency is supported by the integration of DynEd’s internationally-aligned Certification Program. “Our learners are confident in the certificates they receive, because they don’t just pass or fail by taking a single test. Each certificate is based on their DynEd study and learners must pass Mastery Tests within the courses, in addition to our Proficiency Test,” says Adam.

DynEd’s Mobile Productivity App, MyDynEd, continues to innovate and provide new student tools to enhance the user’s experience in a fun and friendly mobile environment. The app now includes an up-to-the-minute display of progress towards Certification.

Users from around the globe are joining the DynEd English learning conversation on social media. “DynEd is making English learning more engaging and enjoyable for our students globally,” says David Tipping, DynEd’s Director of Client Engagement.

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