Headway School of Languages set off its voyage on reaching out to all parts of the country by opening up its first ever partner centre at Ja- Ela. Headway will showcase a spectrum of groundbreaking fresh English Language programs to cater to English language development needs of a wide range of student groups starting from pre-kindergarten up to the school leavers and those who are employed.

Headway Ja- Ela, aims at benefitting the language learners with its unique approach to language teaching underlined with interactive practice opportunities, personalized language input, student friendly materials, and well- focused yet highly supportive teacher facilitations which have been tested and proven fruitful for more than two decades of Headway saga. One of the most notable features in Headway Ja-Ela will be the Kids’ Language programmes with Let’s Go, which is the Kids’ component of DynEd. Headway Ja-Ela will conduct exam preparation classes for Cambridge Starters, Movers, Flyers, KET and PET as well as IELTS

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