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Fun and effective English learning for Kids

Let’s Go builds a strong foundation in both spoken and written English for pre-readers, early readers, and English language learners. Let’s Go integrates reading, listening and speaking skills by balancing alphabet and phonics work with word-recognition and sentence-making activities. Children learn to…

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DynEd English at SOS Jaffna

Headway Learning Solutions (HLS) took the English Language training at SOS children’s village, Jaffna under its wings. More than 100 students who are being nurtured at SOS Jaffna started using DynEd Neo in order to hone their English language…

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How we can help you !

Designed to be used as a blended study program, our solutions provide the perfect combination of classroom education and multimedia learning. Our unique Student Certification Program keeps students motivated to reach their English learning goals. We’ve helped over 12…

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